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Beltway Banthas: Star Wars, Politics & More

Apr 20, 2017

Like so many Star Wars fans, Swara of Beltway Banthas was Orlando last weekend for Star Wars Celebration (SWCO)! It goes without saying that the Force was strong there, and so was a love of politics. Huddled together in a hotel room in Orlando, Swara brought together a group of friends and fans to talk about Star Wars, politics and escapism. Swara's round table featured Carly Lane (Supergirl Radio, Nerdist), Dennis Keithly (Starships, Sabers & Scoundrels) and Joe Tavano (Retrozap, Brews & Blasters) Follow our guests on Twitter! Carly Lane @CarlyLane Dennis Keithly @DJKver2 Joe Tavano @JoeyWanKenobi Leave us a review on iTunes and tell us what you think of the show! Subscribe and connect with us on Twitter: @Stephen_Kent89 | @SwaraSalih1 We want to hear from you! You can send us your thoughts on the show and topics at We are going to be launching bonus content soon for subscribers to a super not-so-secret email list. Sign up here: