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Beltway Banthas: Star Wars, Politics & More

May 5, 2016

Thanks for tuning in to episode III of Beltway Banthas! It's been a crazy week and this is coming to you on STAR WARS DAY 2016. No better time to release this podcast. On this episode, we discuss some of the latest Star Wars news and chatter about Rogue One. Then, as promised, we get around to some politics. Stephen leads the show on an exploration of the Galactic Senate. How does it work? Why is there gridlock and an inability to get things done? This will be the first of many topical discussions on the politics of Star Wars and we hope you enjoy it. Did we miss anything you think should have been discussed? Let us know and we will touch on it: Emo Kylo Ren performance inspired by @KyloR3n : Referenced in this episode: Vox: The Galactic Senate Needed A Minority Party - by Seth Masket The Delegation of 2000 meet (Episode III deleted scene):