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Beltway Banthas: Star Wars, Politics & More

Jan 9, 2020

Look around the world today and you will see otherwise advanced societies overrun by misinformation, myth and conspiratorial thinking. Information echo chambers and media disruption has helped to polarize communities on everything from political viewpoints to opinions on Star Wars. Buzzfeed's Ryan Broderick wrote The “Star Wars” Misinformation Hell Is The New Future Of Everything" and he couldn't be more right. On this episode, Stephen Kent and guest Andrew Kenlon discuss the rise of #ReleaseTheJJCut and conspiracy theory within Star Wars fandom. It's always been there, but only recently has it been impossible to look away from, and that matters not only for Star Wars...but for our politics. 

Also, Stephen offers some updates on the show and what to expect in the weeks-months ahead. Listeners have till Saturday, January 11th to leave a review of Beltway Banthas on to win one of two awesome Star Wars informational books. Don't miss out!